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Buffalo Bore .45-70 Magnum 405gr Jacketed Flat Nose Ammunition - 20 Round Box

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Our 45-70 ammunition is externally identical to SAAMI spec 45-70 ammo, but internally it generates FAR more power and pressure. So, our 45-70 ammo will fit into ANY 45-70 firearm but is not safe in every 45-70 firearm. The bullet utilized expands to an inch or more in diameter at our velocities, and hence penetration is limited to about two feet in flesh and bone. This is the single most effective hog and black bear load ever devised in 45-70. I don't use it on animals weighing more than 800 lb as it won't give adequate penetration at bad angles for animals larger than 800 lb. If you'll limit yourself to broadside (double lung) and CNS hits, this load will work on 2000 lb animals.


Manufacturer: Buffalo Bore
Model Number: 8B/20
Ammo Bullet Type: Jacketed Flat Nose
Ammo Casing Type: Brass
Ammo Bullet Weight: 405 grain
Ammo Round Count: 20/Box
Caliber Multi: .45-70 Magnum
Muzzle Energy: 3597 lb/ft
Muzzle Velocity: 2000 fps
Application: Hunting, Target
Type: Lever Gun