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Brenneke Red Magic Sabot Slugs 12 ga. 2 3/4 in. 1 oz. 5 Round Box

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The Red Magic Sabot gives you the safety of a quick and clean kill, even better as it is one of the least expensive sabots on the market. It offers 58% more frontal area than standard 50 cal slugs, resulting in massive energy transfer. Deep penetration, expansion up to 0.9 inches, you name it, the Red Magic Sabots got it. Saboted slugs have a reputation for accuracy. Trouble is, most sabot designs due to their inherently smaller diameter can't deliver the power and penetration at the target to ensure swift, humane kills. The Red Magic Sabot generates 2407 lb/ft of muzzle energy, more than many full-size 12 gauge slugs on the market. It will drop the largest, toughest North American deer, and its hard lead/ antimony alloy produces greater penetration than virtually any other sabot design.