Brass Pellets Ballistic Machinist 12 Gauge

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Great for hunting, Protection, or Barrier penetration

These slugs are not only very accurate sub 2" group at 100 yards.

They are also some of the deepest penetrating slugs you can buy. Some examples of this are, the slug has gone through 32" of ballistics gel and then over 1" in to a book, it can go through 12, 3/4" pine boards, I have recovered this slug from a log I shot it in to and it traveled 10" before it stopped. This slug can also penetrate kevlar body armor at 50 yards. Making them a great slug for military/law enforcement applications. Unlike a FMJ rifle round with this slug you don't give up the hydrostatic shock of expansion for the penetration. The hydrostatic shock from the dimples on the nose give you hollow point like performance in soft tissue.

These can be used in smoothbore or riffed barrel shotguns 

This is loaded ammunition

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