Brass Guys Remanufactured .40 S&W Brass


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Brass Guys brass is high quality once fired military brass.  Brass Guys deprimes, cleans, tumbles, de-crimps/swags, and trims these mix headstamp casings to SAAMI specifications.  Brass Guys does all the work for you so that you can spend more time loading and shooting and less time hunting down and processing once fired brass.  All you have to do is add primers, powder and your favorite bullets.

This is remanufactured brass, not loaded ammunition.



Caliber: .40 S&W


About the Manufacturer:

Brass Guys Brass at Clark Armory

Located in the shadow of the famous Sawtooth Mountains of Southern Idaho, Brass Guys is a company founded by shooters for shooters.  Brass Guys' mission is to provide both the recreational and competitive shooter with outstanding products that meet the highest levels of scrutiny.  In addition to their lines of rifle and pistol brass, Brass Guys is known for their commercial grade case lube, Brass Butter, which coats evenly and reduces the wear and tear on reloading equipment.

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