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Black Butterfly .458 SOCOM CTX (No1) Black Box Ammunition

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Black Butterfly's .458 SOCOM CTX (No1) Red Box Ammunition is purpose built for affordable close quarters tactical training (the "No1" means this is the standard velocity variant). This ammo features jacket-less 306 grain CTX lead free frangible bullets that reduce the chance of ricochet to almost nil. The lead free composition of the CTX bullets also means that this ammo will remain legal as some states, like California, continue to tighten restrictions on lead ammo.
In addition to the box, one can purchase a bucket of the same ammo at a slight bulk discount.

This is loaded ammunition.

 **Please Note: Due to its highly specialized nature, Black Butterfly ammunition is in high demand and made to order. Lead times for this ammo are longer than typical. Please allow several business days after receiving your shipping confirmation for you ammo to leave the warehouse.**


Caliber: .458 SOCOM

Weight: 300 gr

Bullet: CTX Frangible

Velocity: 1675 fps

Energy: 1869 ft. lbs.




About the Manufacturer:

Black Butterfly Ammo

Black Butterfly Ammo was not created to be another run-of-the-mill mass production ammo manufacturer, but rather a high quality operation for the discerning shooter. Since their initial release of a line of .458 SOCOM ammo, Black Butterfly has hand-manufactured all of their rounds. Add to this their random lot tests, visual inspection and case gauge tests and you have Black Butterfly's recipe for quality. Clark Armory is proud to feature Black Butterfly ammo.