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AmeriGlo 6″ Waterproof 8 Hour Yellow Light Stick - 10 Pack

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AmeriGlo’s 6” light stick is the only US Military approved light stick with a special locking hook. Emergency personnel and troops alike prefer AmeriGlo light sticks for it’s versatility in the field, using this special locking hook. Ideal for Long-Term Storage – up to 4 Years. They are manufactured in an ISO 9002 certified facility and complying with defense logistics NSN standards. Available in 8 & 12 Hour, 30-Minute High Intensity, and 5-Minute Ultra Intensity. Available in Green, Yellow, Red, Blue, Orange, White, Infra Red.

What Makes Chemiluminescent Technology work?
Each Light Stick has two parts within the sealed plastic housing: an ACTIVATOR chemical and a FLUORESCER chemical. One of these chemicals is housed in a glass capsule. To ACTIVATE the light stick, the user simply bends (once) the light stick, breaking the inner capsule. Once this inner capsule is broken, a quick shake of the light stick by the user mixes the two chemicals, and simple science takes place! The two chemicals combine to create a safe, non-toxic light. By altering the two chemicals, the technicians determines the light sticks light color, brightness, and duration of the illumination.

How long will the light stick remain illuminated?
AmeriGlo offers a variety of light sticks. Some are designed to produce 5 minutes of ultra-bright illumination, while some are designed to give light for up to 12 hours and more. See specific product items for details.

How long can I keep these in storage?
For best results, keep the light stick in its original foil wrapper (or box). These light sticks are designed for 4-year shelf life. Some smaller light sticks have a 2-year shelf life. Each foil wrapper (or box) is stamped at production time with the expiration date.

Does the temperature affect the brightness?
In cold temperatures, the “glow” will last longer than the stated rating, but the illumination will be less than if used at normal room temperatures.

Is Chemiluminescent Technology Safe?
Yes! All AmeriGlo products are non-toxic, safe and easy to use. No heat, no sparks, no flames are produced. Thats why law enforcement and public safety units, especially at accident scenes where chemical, combustible gasses, or flammable liquids may be present, use AmeriGlo safety light sticks. In warmer atmospheres, the glow will be brighter, but the illumination time will be decreased.

We suggest users of AmeriGlo products be at least 6 years of age. No attempt shall be made to open, cut, or dissect the light stick product. Users should use common sense when using these products.