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Allegiance .223 55gr OneStrike Ammunition - 20 Round Box

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OneStrike 223 55gr 3000 FPS ammo is designed for use in and around Urban structures/environments and high crowd areas such as schools, hospitals, court rooms, sporting events where shooting through a soft target or structural ricochet could spell disaster. With OneStrikes H.E.T. (High Energy Transfer) frangible core, this round accomplishes 2 things that is virtually impossible for standard type ammo to achieve.

#1 OneStrike 223 55gr 3000 FPS technology was specially designed for use in Urban housing type structures in mind so as to be more frangible when it passes through a 1/2′ house wall in case of a miss. OneStrike 223 55GR 3000 FPS fragments apart when shooting through extreme light barriers such as 1/2″ sheetrock walls or common house hold appliances with a direct hit as close as10 feet so it doesn’t travel through multiple rooms possibly injuring and killing an innocent bystander.. This is critical when having to shoot to defend and protect yourself or loved ones inside your house. Or if a Law Enforcement team makes a raid in urban structures and they don’t want that round traveling through multiply rooms possibly killing someone on the other side in case they miss. The H.E.T. frangible technology greatly increases the safety performance aspect for those that find themselves in confined CQB urban situations. PowerStrike 223 55gr is built as a high velocity R2LP Reduced Ricochet/Limited Penetration round.

#2 being a jacketed frangible round with its H.E.T. core this round is designed to fragment completely within the first 8-10 inches dumping over 1080 Ft/Lb of expanding energy instantly in the soft tissue. When impacting soft tissue the H.E.T. frangible core operates as a massively expanding rotational cone of metallic particles that creates extreme vertical and horizontal permanent wound cavities. This causes tremendous hydrostatic shock that shuts down the central nervous system quickly stopping the threat. When you dump over 1/2 ton of energy in a soft target it stops. Effective range for OneStrike 223 55gr is 200M.

OneStrike 9mm 90gr, and OneStrike 223 55gr are the rounds recommended for inside urban environments because they are designed to fragment on thinner lighter barriers down to 1/2 inch sheetrock wall. Anything thinner the bullet may possibly not fragment. OneStrike 300AAC 150gr and OneStrike 556 80gr is designed to be used in and around metal enclosure situations when collateral damage to the structure or equipment could spell disaster.

F/ps: 3,000