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Alchemist 9mm Frangible C3 Ammunition

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Alchemist Frangible Compressed Copper Cartridge (C3) 9mm Ammunition is built to help make training as realistic and safe as possible.  The C3 projectiles contain zero toxic metals and break apart upon impact with steel. These rounds were originally manufactured to meet the training needs of Law Enforcement Agencies across the country and are now available on the civilian market.


This is loaded ammunition.

These rounds have lead-free primers.

This may come in alternate packaging. 


Caliber: 9mm Luger

Weight: 100 gr.

Bullet: Compressed Copper Frangible

Velocity: 1260 fps

Energy: 317 ft. lbs.




**PLEASE NOTE: Some lots will not be imprinted with the smiley face. This depends on which lot your ammunition comes out of. We cannot guarantee the ammo will have the imprint or not before shipment.


About the Manufacturer:

Alchemist Ammo 

Alchemist Ammunition is one of Clark Armory's recent additions.  Currently Alchemist is producing three product lines: Frangible C3 (Compressed Copper Cartridge) Ammo, Z-Clean Ammo, and HELO hollow points.  Most of Alchemist's rounds, including the Frangible C3 and Z-Clean rounds in pistols calibers, feature lead free primers.  Alchemist is proud to be 100% manufactured in the United States.