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Alchemist .300 Blackout 125gr Z-Clean Ammunition

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$ 10.95

Alchemist Z-Clean .300 Blackout Ammunition was developed to eliminate the risk of lead contamination at prices much lower than traditional lead free ammo.  As their name suggests, these rounds feature a 100% solid zinc projectile that contains zero toxic metals. These rounds cycle just like FMJs in all weapons and leave no residue in the weapon or barrel.


This is loaded ammunition.

These rounds have lead-free primers.



Caliber: .300 Blackout

Weight: 125 gr.

Bullet: Solid Zinc

Velocity: 2300 fps

Energy: 1315 ft. lbs.



About the Manufacturer:

Alchemist Ammo 

Alchemist Ammunition is one of Clark Armory's recent additions.  Currently Alchemist is producing three product lines: Frangible C3 (Compressed Copper Cartridge) Ammo, Z-Clean Ammo, and HELO hollow points.  Most of Alchemist's rounds, including the Frangible C3 and Z-Clean rounds in pistols calibers, feature lead free primers.  Alchemist is proud to be 100% manufactured in the United States.