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Adventure Medical Kits Rapidpure, Amk 01600123 Rapidpure Purifier+bottle

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The rapidpure purifier+ bottle allows for fast, effective water purification as you drink - no pressing, squeezing, priming, or backflushing required.The proprietary triton bottle features rapidpure's new pod platform using ultraceram and openpore technology for 99.99% protection against viruses, bacteria, parasites, and more.The activated carbon filter removes odors and improves taste.It includes a flip-top lid, triton plastic bottle, ultralight straw, and replaceable filter cartridge and pod.The purifier+ bottle is compatible with most wide-mouthed(2.5in/63mm) water bottles.

Material: Plastic
Dimensions: 3.5" x 3.5" x 9.5"