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"Lead Free" Ammo Classifications

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 Clark Armory began as, and continues to be the premier place for hunters and shooters of all types to get lead free bullets and ammo.  Some of our lead free products are designed to be utilized as a safer alternatives to lead for training while others are intended for hunting in areas where lead ammo is banned.  The majority of our products however, are "lead free"  because bullets made from materials other than lead (copper, tin, brass, polymers, etc.) can be formed in different ways to have unique ballistic effects.

At Clark Armory each product's page will clearly state which of three classifications that product falls into.  Below are the categories you will find:

Lead Free: The vast majority of all the products you will find on Clark Armory fall into this category.  Products in this category have lead free bullets with standard primers.  Standard primers do have trace amounts of lead and other heavy metals in them so these products' boxes often have lead warnings printed on them.  Many of these products' pages will explicitly say, "This is lead free ammo."  If a product's description does not explicitly say to which category it belongs, it is assumed that it has a lead free bullet and a standard primer.

With Lead Free Primer:  Some of our products have both a lead free bullet and a lead free primer (see here).  These products are almost exclusively used for indoor training and often have a variant with a standard primer.  The product description of products in this category will state, "This ammunition has a lead-free primer."

Lead Ammo:  In our pursuit to make the best and often hard to find ammo available to our community, there are some products at Clark Armory that have tradition lead bullets and standard primers.  The product description of products in this category will state, "This product contains lead," and the badge below will accompany the product image.