Lehigh Defense 9mm High Energy Retaining Ordnance (HERO) Ammunition


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Lehigh Defense 9mm HERO Ammunition is machined from 100% solid bar stock copper and perfect for causing maximum damage on impact.  This round features everything you love about the 9mm Maximum Expansion Ammo but with a significantly lighter bullet that moves much faster.


This is loaded ammunition.



Caliber: 9mm Luger

Weight: 70 gr.

Bullet: Maximum Expansion HERO

Velocity: 1425 fps

Energy: 316 ft. lbs.

Base Penetration: 10.0 in.



About the Manufacturer:


Lehigh Defense is a Pennsylvania based lead free bullet and ammunition manufacturer best known for their Xtreme Penetrator pistol rounds.  Their other product lines include; Controlled Chaos, Controlled Fracturing and Maximum Expansion Hollow Points, Match Solids and more.  In addition to unique bullet designs, Lehigh Defense utilizes brass, copper and aluminum to get the exact performance they desire out of each of their rounds.


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