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Reloading Brass

Reloading your own ammo offers a variety of benefits, from reduced cost to added customization for bullet weight, powder load, and quality control. Do you like to reload ammo? Check out our reloading brass, both new and once-fired brass that will help you to customize your next round of ammo. Find the right caliber of remanufactured brass and bullets, and you're well on your way to fully customized ammo. Let us know what you're looking for, and we're happy to help you customize your reloading project to build the best ammo you can, here at Clark Armory.

New Reloading Brass

Reloading brass is a process that involves preparing used brass shell casings for reuse in firearms. This can be a cost-effective and enjoyable hobby for shooting enthusiasts, as it allows them to create their own ammunition and potentially save money in the long run.

One of the main benefits of reloading brass is that it allows shooters to tailor their ammunition to their specific needs. For example, a hunter may want to create lighter bullets with less recoil for a more accurate shot, while a competition shooter may want to create heavier, more powerful rounds. Reloading also allows shooters to experiment with different types of powder and bullet combinations to find the best performance for their firearm.

In order to reload brass, shooters will need to invest in some equipment, including a reloading press, dies, shell holders, and a scale. There are also a wide variety of powders, bullets, and primers available on the market, so it's important for shooters to do their research and choose products that are compatible with their firearm and intended use.

One of the key considerations when reloading brass is safety. It's important to follow all manufacturer instructions and guidelines when using reloading equipment, as well as to wear protective gear such as eye protection and earplugs. It's also important to follow proper storage and handling procedures for reloading supplies, as some products can be hazardous if not used correctly.