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Constantly evolving and leading with proven performance and innovation, Kent products continue to set the benchmark. Tungsten Matrix remains the only true alternative to lead and the choice for hunters demanding the very best. Fasteel has established a reputation among steel shotshells that is unrivaled and well deserved as it has rewritten the record-books for speed and performance. Upland hunters and Turkey hunters are well covered with Kent's Ultimate Upland, Upland Fasteel and Upland Tungsten Matrix shotshells. Not to be forgotten is Kent-Gamebores venerable target loads and the Protrial training blanks.

Ammunition - Kent Fasteel Precision Steel Waterfowl Shotgun Ammunition

Kent Fasteel Precision Steel Waterfowl Shotgun Ammunition

$ 10.00

Kent Fasteel Waterfowl Shotgun shells use quality components to produce consistent patterns and balanced shot strings at high velocities while dishing out less recoil. Kent’s Fasteel shot penetrates deep and retains energy that reliably brings down ducks and geese. This is loaded ammunition.   Specs (Select Load Above to See more): Gauge: 12 Sh...


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