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The G2 Research Radically Invasive Projectile (R.I.P.)  is the round that has taken the personal defense world by storm.

The newest addition to that line is the 12 Gauge Extreme Performance Self-Defense round.  A projectile machined out of solid brass, upon entering a soft target it breaks into 6 segments to create a devastating set of wound channels to ensure that the threat is efficiently eliminated.  The rip bullet penetrates around 14-19 inches into a soft target, enough to ensure effectiveness, but also limit downstream impacts to innocent bystanders.  This penetration and separation delivers not only a maximum shock wave but wound path as well. 

When it comes to the G2 RIP ammo, there is not another round out there that performs in such a fashion to dump all potential energy into the target without over penetrating, which is the goal of any self-defense round: protect yourself and your family without causing collateral damage.

This is a highly specialized self-defense round and not intended for hunting.  As such, it comes with some very strict manufacturers guidelines so that you are able to take advantage of all the advanced engineering that went into this round.

  • This is NOT a round intended for hunting, and has been calibrated for optimum effectiveness at 0 to 10 yards.
  • Only use in smoothbore shotguns without a choke.  
  • Do NOT use in modified barrels - cylinder bore only!

Check out the video review of G2 Research R.I.P. Ammo below!

This is loaded ammunition.


Caliber: 12 Gauge

Weight: 303 gr.

Bullet: Brass Radically Invasive Projectile

Velocity: 1430 +/- fps

Energy: 1376 ft. lbs.

Penetration: 14-19 inches

Wound Channels: 6



Video Transcript:

Hello my friends, this is FPSRussia and as you can see we are going to do some science today. So I got the G2 RIP ammo in 9 millimeter. So this is self defense ammunition, it’s a 96 grain solid copper projectile and the idea is that it’s going to release all of its energy into the target, not going to pass through and it creates lots of wound channels. You’ll be able to see from the close up what these rounds look like. They look really scary. I’ve got some ballistics gel here and I’ve got our Kriss Sphinx here. So this is made by Kriss, the same company that makes the Kriss Super V.  We’ll take this, and we’ll take this and we’re going to see what it does to this ballistics gel here.

OK, so we’re going to fire a round into the ballistics gel, see just how much penetration we get and also how each segment of the round separates and makes its own wound channel.  

(Fires first shot of G2 Research RIP Ammo)

So that looked pretty good. Let’s go down there and see how it worked out. Alright so that is pretty damn impressive I’ve got to admit. This is 16 inches of ballistics gel, this simulates human flesh. You can see, the center part of the round penetrated the entire block and just kept on going, and then in this area there is a four-and-a-half-inch channel wound, all the way around in three dimension. A circle here, of just, copper going in every direction. That’s a pretty nasty round. I was a bit skeptical to begin with but I think I am kind of sold now. This is a very deadly self defense round.

OK, so you have seen what this ammunition can do to ballistics gel. Let’s see what it will do to a few chickens.

(Fires second shot of G2 Research RIP Ammo)

Let’s head down there and see what we did. Ok so that actually went much better than I thought it would so, it went through this chicken, through this chicken, into this chicken, back out this side, then into this little baby chicken. And if you look very closely right here, that’s the back of the projectile. So I think in the slow motion you can actually see this punch through. So all of those tiny pieces of the round expanded, made different wound channels in every direction but the base of the bullet kept going, penetrated through this many, four chickens, this much chicken. So I’m actually pretty impressed by that. Let me show you one more thing.

Ok so one last thing, everyone knows that this ammunition comes in 9 millimeter but they recently came out with 380 automatic, they sent me the first batch, we’re going to see what our little tiny LCP can do with this RIP ammunition.

(First 380 Auto G2 Research RIP Ammo into a watermelon)

Absolute devastation coming out of this tiny little pistol. I’m not sure about self defense ammunition, it’s one of those things that people go back and forth on, but I think this ammunition has definitely proven that it works, it cycles and the results are pretty impressive. So you be the judge but if you want to learn some more about the ammo find their website there is a link down below. I hope you guys enjoyed the video, and as always, have a nice day.


About the Manufacturer:

G2 Research made big waves in the personal defense world when it released its Radically Invasive Projectile (R.I.P.) in the major pistol calibers.  The R.I.P. utilized a solid copper fragmenting hollow point design to cause massive trauma in the first 12" of penetration.  More recently, G2 Research has applied their R.I.P. concept to their "Rip Out" and "Trident" rifle rounds as well as their Civic Duty pistol ammo. 

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