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Lehigh Defense .308 Winchester 152gr High Velocity Controlled Chaos Copper (CCCu) Ammunition

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Lehigh Defense High Velocity Controlled Chaos Ammo is machined from solid bar stock and was developed in response to requests from animal control agencies for high trauma rifle rounds.  These 152 grain bullets move at high speeds but fragment on impact reducing the chance of passing through the target.  This fragmentation also maximizes the damage done on impact.


This is loaded ammunition.



Caliber: .308 Winchester

Weight: 152 gr.

Bullet: Controlled Chaos

Velocity: 2850 fps

Energy: 2742 ft. lbs.

Base Penetration: 34.0 in.

Frag Penetration: 10.0 in.



About the Manufacturer:


Lehigh Defense is a Pennsylvania based lead free bullet and ammunition manufacturer best known for their Xtreme Penetrator pistol rounds.  Their other product lines include; Controlled Chaos, Controlled Fracturing and Maximum Expansion Hollow Points, Match Solids and more.  In addition to unique bullet designs, Lehigh Defense utilizes brass, copper and aluminum to get the exact performance they desire out of each of their rounds.