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.223 & 5.56 Ammo

.223 Remington, or 5.56 NATO, (commonly pronounced two-two-three or two-twenty-three) is a common rifle cartridge which was borne from military applications. Designed to fit the action length of the M16 service rifle, it quickly gained civilian popularity due to the wide availability of brass for reloading. Once the AR-15 became available, the .223 became even more popular. Due to the popularity of the .223/5.56 NATO, ammunition has become equally popular and varied. Many manufacturers have developed very specialized rounds, each catered to the application. Some of the biggest innovations have come in the home defense and hunting applications, developing frangible, fragmentation rounds that transmit maximum damage on soft tissues, but fragment on contact of hard surfaces.

Clark Armory carries a wide assortment of .223 ammo, from frangible rounds to solid copper high-penetration rounds. Whether you are looking for hunting or home defense applications, Clark Armory has everything you are looking for.