Inceptor .223 Sport Utility RNP Ammunition


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Sport Utility Ammo line features Inceptor®’s patented Round Nose Precision (RNP™) and Short-Range Rifle (SRR™) bullet technology, with a solid- core, injection-molded, polymer-copper projectile that rivals any competition-level target shooting bullet. Loaded in traditional high-quality brass, this range-compliant ammo delivers unmatched frangibility for a safer and more realistic shooting experience. RNP and SRR projectiles feature SteelSafe™ construction for use on hardened steel and allow safe range distances measured in feet, not yards, for the safest and most realistic close-quarter training experience. SRR and RNP options perform very well in the semi-automatic and automatic handgun and rifle platforms and open up options not available with traditional ammunition. They are non-sparking, low-ricochet and clean shooting, providing an unparalleled training experience.

This is loaded ammunition.



Caliber: .223

Weight: 35 gr.

Bullet: Copper-Polymer RNP

Velocity: 3810 fps

Energy: 1128 ft. lbs.



About the Manufacturer:

PolyCase Ammunition was founded on the idea of incorporating polymers into the components of ammunition.  As their name suggests, their flagship product is polymer-cased ammo that weights significantly less than brass or nickel-cased rounds.  PolyCase's currently available Inceptor line includes their self-defense ARX round, Firefly Tracer round and a standard Round Nose Point.  All of PolyCase's projectiles are injection molded from a copper-polymer mix and are lighter than comparable lead rounds.

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