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Community Ammo Reviews

Community Ammo Reviews

Community Ammo Reviews

Want To Be A Published Ammo Reviewer?

The Clark Armory team was doing some thinking and we have come up with a bit of a crazy idea...  We want to give you, our community, the chance to review our ammo for FREE.  There are many blogs and YouTube Channels that are dedicated to reviewing ammo but we wanted to take the "celebrity" out of reviewing ammo and hear your thoughts on some of our products.   

What's in it for us? We get to hear non-biased feedback on the products we carry.  

What's in it for you? You get free ammo, a coupon for 5% off anything we carry, and to have your own article here on Clark Armory relating your experience with/impressions of the rounds to the rest of the community and the world.  

Here's how it works:

1.  Head over to our Contact Page or send an email to and let us know you're interested in being a Community Reviewer.

2.  We'll confirm that we have received your email and let you know which products are available to be reviewed (we will typically have one product available for .380 Auto, 9mm Luger, .40 S&W and .45 ACP).

3.  The next time you place an order, we will include 5 free rounds (in the same caliber as the order) to be tested as well as our Clark Armory Test Target (shown below).

4.  Shoot the ammo at the Clark Armory Test Target, watermelons, soda bottles, a car door, some ballistics gel, or whatever you think would provide valuable results and take a picture/gif/video of the ammo, the weapon you used, the target, etc.

5.  Send us an email with all of the following:

          Product Manufacturer, Name and Caliber:

          Weapon Used:

          Any Malfunctions:

          Felt Recoil 1 (None) - 10 (Tons):

          Overall Rating 1 (Worst Ever) - 5 (Great):

          Overall Impressions/Experience (the more detail the better):

          At least one (1) photo or video.


6.  We'll publish your review here on, give you a shout out on our Social Media Platforms and send you a code for 5% off your next order.  

7.  Rinse and repeat.  Once we receive your review for your first 5 rounds, we'll let you know what other rounds are ready to be reviewed and ship them with your next order!


If you need some inspiration head on over to our Blog and you'll see some great video reviews (done by the pros).    

Clark Armory Community Ammo Reviews 


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