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OATH Tango 12 Gauge Ammo Finally Available

OATH Tango 12 Gauge Ammo Finally Available

Nearly 6 months after its announcement at the 2016 shot show OATH's 12 gauge shotgun shells are finally in stock and ready to ship!

OATH 12 ga ammo

For those who are unfamiliar with these shells, the Tango Shotgun Shell features a solid copper CNC'd 605 grain projectile. These mega-hollow points have 6 arms that open up open contact and expand to over three inches in diameter.  The initial release of the Tango shotgun shells are loaded in reusable aluminum cases that help smooth feeding in semi-automatics. Plastic cased Tangos are soon to be released but OATH has yet to set a hard date.

Click the image upon or here to pick up some Tangos of your very own!

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