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Clark Armory is Expanding Again!

Clark Armory is Expanding Again!

Clark Armory is expanding again!  When the new team came in last year it was clear that the company needed to expand, to provide as many different options for ammunition as possible.  While Clark Armory was, and is still, known for lead free training, self-defense and hunting ammunition it was important during an ammunition shortage to provide as many options of ammunition in stock as much as possible. 

Since the beginning of 2021 we have also expanded into other firearm accessories such as magazines, flashlights and weapon mounted lights.

There was still something on the horizon!  Something that was a passion for the owner and that will allow Clark Armory to eventually become Clark Adventure Outdoors.  In the last 30 days we have added new products and vendors in the outdoor adventure gear.  We have brought in bags and backpacks from Vertx.  We now stock medical kits from Adventure Medical Kits for the weekend hiker and mountain bikers to the solo and family camping enthusiast.  We now carry ReadyWise hiking and camping meals for the folks that want to pack light and still enjoy some good food. 

We are proud to announce our newest partnership with Klymit, a manufacturer of high quality and extremely reliable outdoor gear.  Klymit was started in 2007 and offer a wide range of products.  We are excited to carry their brand of tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads and many other camping and hiking gear. 

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