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G2 Research .45 ACP Civic Duty Tease

G2 Research .45 ACP Civic Duty Tease

G2 Research Civic Duty Ammo
A few months ago, in a well publicized launch, G2 Research released their Civic Duty ammo in 9mm Luger.  The Civic Duty features a projectile similar to that of G2's RIP ammo but unlike the RIP the Civic Duty hollow point stays together upon impact (Learn more about the Civic Duty Here).  Since its release, people have been asking when the Civic Duty will be available in additional calibers.  G2 hasn't officially said when the .40 S&W or .45 ACP Civic Duties will be available but a video posted a few months back by ginsboy2003 shows an expanded .45 ACP Civic Duty round that teases its coming release and shows just how much the .45 ACP version will expand. 
See the video below:
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