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Engel Ballistic Research Enters the Civilian Market

Engel Ballistic Research Enters the Civilian Market

EBR Ammo

Engel Ballistic Research (EBR), a company that has been supplying military and law enforcement for many years, has recently announced that they are going to begin selling their products to civilians.  

EBR 12 Gauge Expanding SlugEBR Subsonic 308 ExpanderEBR .44 Rem. Mag. Expander Ammo

Click HERE to read what CEO John Knox had to say about the transition to the civilian market on TheFireamBlog.

EBR may not be a household name to many shooters, but who they are can be summed up in their tag line, "Mission Specific Ammunition."  All the products EBR makes are for a specific purpose.  EBR doesn't produce bulk .223 FMJs or a high speed .308 hunting rounds.  They do, however, make a line of subsonic pistol and rifle rounds, solid copper hollow point 12 gauge shells, and frangible breaching munitions.  Not things you'll find at your local Walmart.


Click HERE to check out their lead free ammo and be the first to know when it is in stock.

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