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Ruger Unveils ARX Ammo

Ruger Unveils ARX Ammo

Last fall, PolyCase Ammunition began producing its Inceptor line of ammo in the four major pistol calibers.  The Inceptor line is loaded in standard brass cases and features three different injection-molded, copper-polymer projectiles; the FireFly Tracer, Round Nose Point (TNP for the .40 S&W) and ARX.  The Firefly rounds and the RNPs are basically standard bullet designs made from a non-standard lead-free material.  The ARX, however, was a new concept.  It features a spiraled-cross-like design that transfers the bullet's rotational energy into its target creating larger wound cavities in fluid/gel.



Some believed the ARX to be just another gimmick round but as reviews and gel tests started popping up around the internet, people started taking the Inceptor ARX more seriously.



Enter Ruger


So seriously in fact, that Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. decided to license and release the ARX under it's own name.  The first Ruger-branded ammunition ever sold by the well-respected firearm manufacturer.  Just this week the Ruger ARX .380 Auto and Ruger ARX .45 ACP became available with the 9mm luger and .40 S&W variants coming soon.  The Ruger version of the ARX has all the specifications as PolyCase's original Inceptor ARX but the Ruger brand is certain to have an impact on the reach and success of this new type of ammo.


Only time will tell how the Ruger-PolyCase partnership will work out but Ruger has made waves by selecting the ARX as their first Ruger-branded ammo.  PolyCase has gained a great teammate in the partnership and we all look forward to seeing what else these two companies produce.


Stay tuned for more product announcements and releases, and check out each of the product pages below to try these rounds for yourself, or be notified when the new calibers are available.


Ruger .380 Auto Self Defense ARX Ammo

Ruger 9mm Self Defense ARX Ammo

Ruger .40 S&W Self Defense ARX Ammo

Ruger .45 ACP Self Defense ARX Ammo

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