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An Interview with OATH Ammunition

An Interview with OATH Ammunition

Interviewed by Sawyer Clark
Written by Alex Gates


How did your manufacturing business begin? What are your most important ideals or principles? How do you measure success?  These are some of the questions Clark Armory asked to a number of our manufacturers as a way to bridge the gap between consumer and manufacturer.  For this article, we are excited to introduce OATH Ammunition’s story. We hope to give our customers a first hand account of who OATH Ammunition is and what their company is about.


OATH Ammunition

Q: How did OATH start?  Whose idea was it?


A: Marty Golloher started OATH Ammunition. Marty is a well-Known banker, former Offensive Guard for the Miami Hurricanes, and a huge firearms enthusiast. He is the co-inventor of the patented OATH Ammunition "TANGO" round.


Q: What would you say are OATH Ammunition’s most important ideals or principles?

A: The OATH Corporation is a company founded on the sole principle of creating a better bullet for military, law enforcement and shooters everywhere.  OATH created the patented "TANGO" Self-Defense Round that is engineered to NOT over penetrate, making it perfect for home-defense and law enforcement.

Oath's manufacturing process starts from the component level, and we use only the highest quality materials.  All of OATH ammunition is 100% Lead Free!


Q: How would you say OATH Ammunition measures success?

A: Customer satisfaction is the key, and it is how we measure our success. OATH stands behind its products, and it’s engaged with its customer base to ensure real-time feedback. 


Q: Which products (currently available or coming soon) is OATH most excited about? 

A: The "TANGO" round is the flagship product for OATH, but we are developing an awesome, devastating "TANGO" shotgun shell that will be available by the end of the year! 


Q: Who does OATH consider to be a target customer? 

A: OATH started out as ammunition for Law Enforcement and for the Military, but soon realized that the special characteristics of the "TANGO" round were perfect for home-defense. Currently, SWAT, Sheriff Departments, and many Government Security Contractors use OATH-TANGO as "Duty Carry" ammo, and we are confident and hopeful the general public will embrace it as well!


Q: Where do you see OATH in the upcoming years?

A: We see OATH Corp as a global leader in high-quality, Lead-Free ammunition.


Q: What should people know about OATH Ammunition?

A: We will only offer the best, and we will stand behind our product!


Stay tune for the stories of our other manufacturers in the weeks ahead!
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