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An Interview with Cutting Edge Bullets

An Interview with Cutting Edge Bullets

Interviewed by Sawyer Clark
Written by Alex Gates


How did your manufacturing business begin? What are your most important ideals or principles? How would measure success? These are some of the questions Clark Armory asked to a number of manufacturers as a way to bridge the gap between customer and manufacturer. This Summer we are putting together a series of articles that will tell the unique stories of our manufacturers through interviews.  In this article, we are excited to tell the story of Cutting Edge Bullets, and their impact in the world of ammunition.
Q. How did Cutting Edge Bullets start?  Whose idea was it?
A. In 2001, Daniel Smitchko (Smitty) opened up his machine shop, Cutting Edge Machining Solutions Inc., which offers precision parts made from CNC Swiss Style Lathes, a technologically superior machine that is renowned for its ability to machine extremely small precision parts. To this day, we machine precision parts for the medical, aerospace, firearms, architectural, electronic, and many other industries that rely on our ability to create consistently precise parts.

Although the shop has experienced continual annual growth, Dan realized that he wouldn’t have complete control over the fate of the shop unless he developed his own product line and wasn’t reliant on outside sources. After contemplating several ideas, he soon realized that he was in the perfect position to combine his passion for precision machining with his obsession for long-range hunting. The ability to use the advanced machining capabilities created the perfect atmosphere for [developing] a technically advanced copper bullet that performs better than any other bullet in terms of trajectory, accuracy, and terminal performance. After quickly coming up with a basic idea, research and testing began. Finally, after one year and forty-seven bullet revisions later, a bullet had been tweaked to perfection, and it resulted in a projectile that was extremely accurate, expanded better than expected, and performed extremely well with a high ballistic coefficient.

Q. What would you say are Cutting Edge’s most important ideals or principles? 
A. Nothing is for sale from Cutting Edge Bullets that is not of the highest quality and design.
Every bullet is physically tested either in house at Cutting Edge’s range, or by our customers before we would consider it for sale.

At Cutting Edge we have a bullet for any, every, and all applications. The best thing to do is call in and speak to us about what your trying to do, and we can set you up with the ideal bullet.

Q. How would you say Cutting Edge Bullets measures success?
A. Cutting Edge Bullets tend to measure our success by the success of our customers. Here at Cutting Edge, we have a 95% customer return rate. Meaning 95% of the people who change over to our bullets, come back time after time to share their stories and successes. I would say that number speaks for itself.

Q. Which products (currently available or coming soon) are Cutting Edge Bullets most excited about?
A. Cutting Edge Bullets is most excited about the 190 Grain 300 Blackout Subsonic, the Multiple Socom Bullets, the .45 ACP Copper Solid, and the MZL Raptor (Black Powder Saboted Bullet).

Q. Who would Cutting Edge Bullets consider being their target customer?
A. Cutting Edge Bullets target customer base is people who want to give themselves the very best opportunity to shoot faster, flatter, more consistent, and with excellent terminal performance. Our Niche market is 30cal, 338, 416, 50 calibers, and we offer the ability with our design to shoot a lighter than typical bullet with a higher BC.

Q. Where do you see Cutting Edge Bullets going in 5-10 years?
A. Cutting Edge has seen continual growth since its start. I believe our best years are ahead of us. The continued support of our customer base is humbling, and we only hope that we can continue to exceed the expectations we have created.

Q. What would you like people to know about Cutting Edge Bullets?
A. The main goal of Cutting Edge Bullets is to provide a single projectile that performs as well in the field as it does on the range.  We believe that there should not be a trade off when it comes to having a very accurate, flat shooting bullet, or one that puts game on the ground quickly. Cutting Edge Bullets are for the hunter or match shooter that insists on the highest quality bullet available. All of our bullets are precisely machined with the ogive radius, ogive length, body length, boat tail angle, and boat tail length held to the tightest tolerance achievable by any manufacturing method.
Q. Other thoughts or things you would like to share?
A. Please check out our testimonial page at:
Stay tune for the stories of our other manufacturers in the weeks ahead! 
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