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An Interview with PolyCase Ammunition

An Interview with PolyCase Ammunition

Interviewed by Sawyer Clark
Written by Alex Gates


How did your manufacturing business begin? What are your most important ideals or principles? How would measure success? These are some of the questions Clark Armory asked to a number of manufacturers as a way to bridge the gap between customer and manufacturer. This Summer we are putting together a series of articles that will tell the unique stories of our manufacturers through interviews. For this article, we are excited to introduce PolyCase’s story. We hope to give our customers a first hand account of who PolyCase is and what their company is about.  


Q.  How did PolyCase start? Whose idea was it?
A.  PolyCase Ammunition was founded by retired Army Lt. Col. Paul C. Lemke. During his career as a Foreign Area Officer working in Latin America, Lemke was often asked by local security forces if he could source “single use ammunition” for those security forces. The security forces in these countries were finding that their spent brass was being reloaded by narco-terrorists and used against the security forces. At the time, Lemke was unaware of any single-use ammunition product other than boxer-primed brass, which is still reloadable with additional equipment. After his retirement, Lemke sought out and partnered with polymers expert, Juan Carlos Marin, and founded PolyCase Ammunition [in order] to develop and manufacture the long sought-after, single use ammunition. Lemke and Marin quickly realized that polymers science was at a point where a polymer-cased ammunition would function equally well in the commercial marketplace. PolyCase Ammunition has since developed its own unique, patent-pending, injection-molded, bullet technology, including the ARX®, which is revolutionizing self-defense ammunition.
Q.  What would you say are PolyCase’s most important ideals or principles?
A.  PolyCase Ammunition most important ideals and principles are innovation, quality, and the commitment to our community and our country.
Q.  How would you say PolyCase Ammunition measures success?
A.  PolyCase Ammunition measures success by the number of people we engage with and encourage to think outside the box in the shooting sports, not by the number of cartridges of ammunition we sell. Our low-recoil range ammunition, for example, is bringing new shooters into the shooting sports, and we consider this the greatest measure of success of all. 
Q.  Which products (currently available or coming soon) are you most excited about?
A.  PolyCase’s flagship, ARX® projectile, launched at SHOT Show 2015, [and] is the talk of the shooting sports industry this year.  TheARX®is a true revolution in projectile design. The ARX® takes self-defense in an entirely new direction by utilizing hydrodynamic displacement instead of surface area (expansion) to transfer energy to targets.
Q.  Who would you consider to be your target customer?
A.  PolyCase Ammunition is designed for discerning sport and recreational shooters, law enforcement or military professionals, and individuals seeking the ideal self-defense round for home and personal protection.   
Stay tune for the stories of our other manufacturers in the weeks ahead! 
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