G2 Research .380 R.I.P. vs. Rattle Snake

G2 Research .380 R.I.P. vs. Rattle Snake

We recently received an email from John telling a story we thought was worth sharing (with his permission of course).  Thanks for letting us pass your story along John!

John is a resident of the great state of Florida who recently purchased some G2 Research .380 R.I.P. ammo.  A few weeks back, just before Memorial Day weekend, John walked out the front door of his beach house and then on through his front gate to find a five-plus foot rattle snake lying less than 100 feet from his front door.  His grandkids were coming for the long weekend and he didn't want to take any chances.  He grabbed his Walther .380, aimed and fired.  His shot hit its mark and took most of the snakes head with it.  Below are two pictures of the aftermath.




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