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PolyCase Ammo Featured in Guns & Ammo Magazine

PolyCase Ammo Featured in Guns & Ammo Magazine

As many of you have seen, PolyCase Ammunition has been featured online at Guns & Ammo's website. The brief article can be found at the link below and is basically a short synopsis of what PolyCase is about and mentions the features of each of their brass-cased inceptor rounds; the RNP/TNP, ARX and Firefly Tracer.

Guns and Ammo PolyCase First Look

However, a lesser known fact is reveal in Ammoland's article on PolyCase: Guns and Ammo will have a six-page article on PolyCase as well as a cover image that asks, "Plastic.  Is it the future?"


We look forward to reading the full article and to see what else PolyCase has in store.  Stay tuned to stay up-to-date with all the newest products from all our of Clark Armory's manufacturers.



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