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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions that we most often receive about our products:

1.  Which is better for my .380 Auto, G2 Research R.I.P. or Lehigh Defense Xtreme Penetrator?

   a.  The answer is dependent upon personal preference or desire.  The Xtreme Penetrator is good at doing just what it's name suggests, penetrating.  If you are concerned that your .380 Auto doesn't pack enough punch then the Xtreme Penetrator is a great way to increase its penetration.  On the other hand if you are concerned with over penetration or what to ensure a great deal of trauma is inflicted directly upon contact then the R.I.P. is your winner.

2.   Doesn't G2 R.I.P. ammo have feeding issues?

   a.   In our experience, no.  We have never seen R.I.P.s in any caliber fail to feed and have only heard of this in certain corners of the internet.  G2 Research tests all their rounds extensively in a number of different firearms to ensure consistent quality.

 3.  What's the deal with PolyCase Ammo?  Does a copper/polymer bullet really work and where are those colorful polymer cases?

   a.  First of all, PolyCase says the plastic cases are coming.  No word on when exactly but PolyCase debuted them last year and although they are not yet in production we expect them in the coming months.  Yes the copper/polymer bullets work, quite well actually.  Their lightweight helps reduce recoil without sacrificing velocity and the copper/polymer compound is extremely hard lending to better than anticipated penetration.  This is especially true with the ARX bullet (shown below in a polymer casing).

4.   I have seen PolyCase 9mm Firefly tracers on your site for a few months, when will PolyCase release their tracers in other calibers?

    a.   Although this may be an unsatisfactory answer, soon.  We cannot speak specifically about when the tracers will be available but we can tell you that it will be worth checking on in the near future.

5.  All the products Clark Armory sells are lead-free.  Does this mean that Clark Armory supports the political push to ban lead ammo in certain areas?

   a.  No.  Clark Armory was created in response to the demand from sportsmen and women for certain high-performance ammunition that happens to be lead-free and is often hard to find.  We stay away from the politics of the industry and focus on providing our customers the best products and services possible.

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