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Alchemist Ammo Review

Alchemist Ammo Review

The first review of Alchemist Ammo is available on

To be clear, Clark Armory did not sponsor this review, nor do we have a relationship with the reviewer.  Therefore, we cannot vouch for the results but the reviewer did shoot a large number of both the Z-Clean and C3 Frangible Ammo and seems to have very good knowledge of firearms (he appears to be in law enforcement) and a history of ammunition testing.

The reviewer tests many calibers of both the Z-Clean and C3 Frangible, including but not limited to: .380 Auto, 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP and .357 Sig for pistols as well as a variety of rifle calibers (he specifically discusses the .223 in the review).

Below is a brief summary of what he found (link to original article below).

Alchemist Z-Clean Ammo Review Results:

  • At least as accurate, if not more, than HST's and Gold Dots.
  • Leaves much less residue in the weapon than tradition ammo (makes for easier weapon cleaning).
  • Feeds at least as well, if not better, that traditional ammo in all tested firearms.
  • Zero failures to fire.
  • No residue build up in barrel observed.
  • Conclusion: a great alternative to plinking or NATO ammo (for military use).



Alchemist C3 Frangible Ammo Review Results:

  • Less felt recoil.
  • Very accurate, especially in .223 Remington.
  • Able to shoot within a few feet of steel with no ricochet. 
  • Conclusion: both rounds are at least as good as conventional option.



Click here to read the full review.


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