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Lehigh Defense .45 Colt/Judge Maximum Expansion Ammo Review

Lehigh Defense .45 Colt/Judge Maximum Expansion Ammo Review

Some calibers and types of ammo gets tested by every Youtube ammo tester and blogger known to man (think Federal's 9mm HST, or Lehigh's .380 Auto Xtreme Penetrator, Hornady .45 ACP Critical Duty, etc.).  There are others, however that don't get much love.  Lehigh's .45 Colt/Judge Maximum Expansion is one of these under-reviewed pieces of ammunition.  Those who have a trusty Judge likely know all about this round and we have heard directly from some of you who love both your Judge and it's custom purposed Maximum Expansion ammo. 

We recently stumbled across ShootingTheBull410's review of the ammo in question and thought it definitely share-worthy.  It is a bit lengthy but whether you have a Judge or not, I think it provides good insight into what this caliber and projectile can do.

Learn more about these rounds here.



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