Buying Ammo Online: The Clark Armory Process

Buying Ammo Online: The Clark Armory Process

There are many places to buy bullets and ammo online and although many of these websites provide similar products/services, we think ours are the best.  To demonstrate this we have laid out a timeline below of a real order from one of our customer in the great state of Texas.


Sunday, February 21st:  Customer X places an order for a box of 9mm ammo and a box of .380 ammo.

Monday, February 22nd 5:10 AM: Customer X's order is hand-packaged by the Clark Armory team and awaits currier pickup.

Monday, February 22nd 2:00 PM: Customer X's order is picked up by the currier.

Tuesday, February 23rd 4:50 AM: Customer X's package leaves Georgia on its way to Texas.

Wednesday, February 24th 12:40 AM: Customer X's package arrives in Texas.

Wednesday, February 24th 9:40 AM Customer X's package is delivered.


We pride ourselves in our quick processing and shipping times and although we cannot guarantee 3-day delivery, the story above is quite typical.  We don't believe in charging $20+ and taking two weeks to ship a couple boxes of ammo.  You want your ammo now, so we do our very best to get it to you ASAP at flat rate pricing.


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